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Air Car From India

Posted in Energy Solutions,Environmental Solutions by Howard Deutsch on July 6, 2008

If successful, air powered cars will reduce oil consumption worldwide

Compressed air” powered cars may reach the U.S. in a few years. Their rollout is planned in India later this year. Once the car’s safety, quality and reliability are proven, air powered cars may become an attractive alternative, especially for local driving and short trips.

The Compressed Air Car, developed by Motor Development International (MDI) Founder Guy Negre. The Air Car will be starting production soon, by India’s TATA Motors.

The $12,700 CityCAT, one of the planned Air Car models, reaches 68 mph, goes for a range of 125 miles. It will take only a few minutes for the CityCAT to refuel at gas stations equipped with custom air compressor units. MDI says it should cost only around $2 to fill the car up with 340 liters of air!

6-seater taxi should be available in India in 2008:

Read more about ‘Compressed Air Cars’ – 


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  1. Chris said,

    I would like to point out the article is about MDI Air Car from Nice in France, the official website is not the Spanish site quoted above – check both sites for more info.
    For more info – Chris

  2. ganapathi vedulla said,

    sir , it is good car in future. because fuel cost reaches high.
    all the best sir foe research about that car.

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