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Welcome to the EnergyChallenge Blog. The goal of this blog is to increase awareness of the energy crisis and to promote a sense of urgency and action on the part of Individuals, Companies and the US and State Governments.

This Blog presents pertinent energy related information from many sources, offers opinions regarding action that can be taken to address the energy crisis, and welcomes dialog and debate on what needs to be done to solve America’s and the world’s energy crisis.

Your comments on any of the posts are welcome. Blog posts will be added often, so keep coming back to see what’s new and to add your comments.

35 Ways You Can Save Money on Energy 

The Blog’s author is Howard Deutsch, the CEO of Quantisoft LLC, a full-service survey company. Click for Howard’s bio.

Energy is the single most important challenge facing humanity today.
—Nobel Laureate Rick Smalley, April 2004, Testimony to U.S. Senate        

 …and what did Congress and the President do?…..Nothing! 



























































































































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