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Links – Renewable Energy & Global Warming

Energy Policy & Pricing Links – Federal and State Incentives for Renewable Energy and Efficiency by State

Oil at the Break Point: On June 25, 2008, CERA Chairman Daniel Yergin testified before the US Congress Joint Economic Committee on high oil prices and their impact on the global economy.

White House – U.S. Energy Policy

White House – Climate Change Policy

U.S. DOE – National Energy Policy  

Tell Washington What You Think About High Energy Prices Stop Oil Speculation – send e-mail to Congress

“Joe, American” Challenges the Presidential Candidates – on oil …this is a terrific video…you must see this – latest petroleum and natural gas prices – information about trading oil at NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) T. Boone Pickens’ plan for energy – 2009 Proposed US DOE Budget….$1.25 billion for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Going Green Information Links

U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works – going green business surveys – Going Green – How to Make Your Business Greener – Reducing carbon footprint, Carbon Offsets

Global Warming – Climate Change – Greenhouse Gases Links

Greenhouse Gas Changes in the Atmosphere

Climate Change Links – U.S. Environmental protection Agency – loads of interesting and useful information    

Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere

List of countries by carbon dioxide emissions per capita

Is the ocean carbon sink sinking?

Renewable Energy Links

U.S. Department of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Green Power Energy Companies in each State

Alternative and Advanced Fuels – U.S. DOE

Geothermal Energy Excellent overview – University of Wisconsin

Geothermal Program at Berkeley Lab

Ethanol in Brazil – Energy Independence

Ethanol From Corn Vs. Ethanol from Sugarcane: Ethanol from United States Vs. Ethanol from Brazil

Biodiesel Information

Solar Living Institute – promoting sustainable living

Making Cheaper Solar Cells Thin Film Technology

Renewable Energy in Germany

German Renewable Energy

Spain Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Information on Markets, Policy, Investment, and Future Pathways
by Eric Martinot – many links

China Renewable Energy    

Links – Renewable Energy in China  

Renewable Energy Conference in Israel


First Solar Thin Film Technology

Japanese Renewable Energy is Lagging at Home

Alternative Energy Blog Lot’s of interesting Posts

Renewable Fuels Association – loads of information about every type of renewable energy – Wikipedia Energy Portal – loads of information about energy and renewable energy – New Jersey’s Clean Energy program – Renewable energy projects in Texas – wind, solar biomass and geothermal

Nuclear Power Links

Nuclear Power in the World Today  20% of U.S. electric power is from nuclear, far behind many other countries as a percent of each country’s power produced from nuclear power plants. Almost 80% of nuclear power is from nuclear in France.

World Map of Nuclear Power Reactors

The Global Nuclear Energy Partnership is an initiative to expand safe, clean, reliable, and affordable nuclear energy worldwide. U.S. DOE

Wind Power Links

Wind Sees Green

Billionaire oilman T. Boone Pickens is sinking billions of dollars into a new wind farm in Texas

Wind Power Overview, Information, Statistics from Wikipedia

American Wind Energy Association  website

Residential Wind Turbines

Wind Power for Homes

Wind Power Numbers and Statistics  Blog

Wind Power Monthly Atlantic City Convention Center gets giant solar array – 2008 – First coastal wind farm in the U.S. became operational in December, 2005 in Atlantic City, NJ…a success story The Pickens Plan – Texas Wind Energy – Texas has over 25% of the nation’s wind power

Solar Power Links

U.S. DOE Solar Energies Technology Program

Solar Living Institute – promoting sustainable living

Making Cheaper Solar Cells Thin Film Technology


First Solar Thin Film Technology Blog with lot’s of solar energy information and solutions

Energy Conservation/Efficiency Links

U.S. Department of Energy  Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association

Energy Conservation

Tips for Saving on Lighting Costs

Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Links  American Hydrogen Association site

Fuel Cell Handbook  U.S. Department of Energy

Ethanol Links

Estimating the Net Energy Balance of Corn Ethanol

Is Ethanol the ‘Energy Security’ Solution?

Is ethanol energy-efficient?    Both  sides of the controversy

Ethanol Can Replace Gasoline With Big Energy Savings, Comparable Impact On Greenhouse Gases

Ethanol Facts: Energy Security

Will Cellulosic Ethanol Take Off?  MIT Technology Review

Sugar Cane Ethanol – Brazil & U.S.

Columbian Group to Begin Sugarcane Ethanol Production in the US

Geothermal Energy Links

Links to Geothermal sites & diagrams

How Geothermal Energy Works  Union of Concerned Scientists site

Geothermal Energy Excellent overview – University of Wisconsin

Geothermal Program at Berkeley Lab

Nuclear Fusion Power Links

Overview of Fusion Power – The promise of fusion energy, historical perspective, world-wide research

PPPL: Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory…..Fusion Power

Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor (TFTR) – at Princeton

Fueling the Future Video – great explanation of fusion power

Energy Research at U.S. Universities and Government Labs Links  EIA (US Government Energy Information Administration) Site  Renewable Energy information/news  MIT energy news  MIT energy research  Union of Concerned Scientists  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Energy Initiatives Georgia Tech Energy Research Cal Tech Center for Sustainable Energy Research Cornell University Center for Sustainable Future Stanford University Global Climate and Energy Project Princeton University Fusion Power Research University of Pennsylvania Energy Research Columbia University Energy Research University of Michigan – Phoenix Energy Institute University of Texas Center for Energy and Environmental Resources Harvard Energy Technology Innovation Policy Sandia National Labs – Energy Research Argonne National Laboratory – Energy Research Los Alamos National Laboratory – Fusion Energy Research Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – Energy Research Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Brookhaven National Laboratory – Biofuel Research

Energy News Links – Energy News U.S. and worldwide


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